23 thoughts on “Personal Trainer Courses

  1. Dude…I was taking a break from studying lesson 4: exercise physiology;
    energy systems and ATP, and go on youtube to look up stuff about personal

  2. I’ve been weight lifting/exercising for about 16 years, I’m not certified,
    but I can tell you this guy doesn’t know anything about training…
    actually, maybe it’s just the way he talks or the way his face look, I just
    want to put my fist in his suck hole 😀

  3. That’s pretty harsh. I’ve been studying for the ACE certification exam, and
    this guy made me realize a pretty good point – that’s all well and good
    (since I need to pass the thing :P) but I should be putting plenty of time
    into planning the business side and learning how to get and keep clients

  4. im studying for ACE as well ( taking exam MAY 1ST! 0_o ) The way I see it
    is gyms wont hire you unless you have qualifications, that comes first.
    After you get them then begins the worry of growing youre business.

  5. this guy obviously doesnt give a shit about helping people al he cares
    about is the revenue lol what a shit stick

  6. Well that doesn’t make much sense does it?

  7. my left ear enjoyed this video

  8. i agree cant hear shit

  9. what a d***

  10. I went to my Junior college and got a fitness specialist certificate
    through them and it required some difficult classes and even professional
    rescuer, emergency response and bloodborne pathogens certifications. I got
    a full understanding of the human body works during playing a sport and
    exercise and also how the human body works in general. I also learned how
    to talk to people and create work outs for them based on their current
    health and fitness levels.

  11. Hey! I’m Alex.I did -45 lbs past 2 month.Open hawght.so#uRUD


  13. dude if you really were a science geek, you would have really loved your
    thick text book……LOL, also i have a NESTA certification , and hardly
    any reputable places accept it! FACT Dont even waste your time, its NSCA,
    ACSM, NASM or nada!!!

  14. what a dumb ass what kind of cut rate shit do you pay for

  15. mr rogers.

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  18. personal training is a sales job…

  19. Separate from nutrition do one or the other

  20. My CFT course is about to start, I have got the text book and i am telling
    you IT IS BORING! lmao

    Yet I am excited about the whole thing.

  21. Everyone who thinks personal trainers who actually know how to do business
    and make money are evil and don’t care about people can go get a job
    somewhere… You’ll all make someone a great employee… I for one, am
    gonna learn how to make money doing this shit so that I can actually
    dedicate the majority of my time and efforts into helping people instead of
    working around my day job…

  22. Is this a Joke?

  23. Good video. As he points out, one must know both the science, the practical
    application and business. 

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