25 thoughts on “Perth

  1. Everything is just perfect! Soothing and relaxing and totally different
    from today’s music which I really like.

  2. The complete opposite of death grips

  3. Can someone recommend me any modern bands that sound as good as Beirut or
    Bon Iver?

  4. Horse head approved!

  5. this song ends too soon…

  6. This is one hell of an opener on an album. I love Bon Iver so much!

  7. i’ve listened to this song in so many beautiful places at so many perfect
    times in my life: finishing my cambridge dissertation, lying in a grassy
    field in normandy, descending through the alps at night and through the
    andes on a speeding bus. most importantly on a cold night in the peak
    district with my best friends for my 21st. still listen to it every day on
    the 6.45am bus to work from edmonton to tottenham and think of the
    wonderful people i’ve met in all those different places.

    i always imagined that lyric was ‘still alive for you love’. and although
    im not sure exactly who it is im alive for, this braces me for meeting

  8. He made this song for Matt Amato, his director for the wolves. Matt heard
    his best friend Heath ledger had died and told Justin of his stories with
    him. His favourite story was one with Heath riding horses in Perth,
    Australia and Justin began writing this song the day after.

  9. Look up ‘Rainy Mood’ on youtube and play it low in the background. Your

  10. So glad I have found this song, almost as if it has filled a gap in my
    soul. I love the way it gradually builds up, gives me goosebumps every
    time. Any recommendations for any other songs like this as I can’t seem to
    find any in the same genre of music that are as powerful as this song

  11. Bon Iver feat James Vincent McMorrow

  12. this song makes me cry how beautiful it is

  13. some music just sounds so much better on cold, dark, winter nights…, not
    to to say that i dont love this in the summer :)

  14. there are no words to define this song

  15. Favorite song off this album

  16. Reading Paolo Coehlo, drinking great wine and listening to Bon Iver –
    Perth… I can not imagine anything better… Well, I can…, but this is
    not for publishing… :-)

  17. I listened to this song while reading Wuthering Heights for English class.
    I don’t know why but now I love this song and that book so much

  18. Every week, I find a new Bon Iver song to listen to. That song becomes my
    favourite song of all time. Come next week, I will have found another Bon
    Iver song, and that one becomes my favourite song of all time. I blame
    Justin Vernon

  19. really great, epic song

  20. who wants to fly with me?

  21. I have really shit anxiety and I feel like the only time I’m breathing
    properly is when I’m sitting in the rain listening to bon iver. It’s more
    than music. It’s medicine. 

  22. Perfect for sleep.

  23. 155 do not like this. Why?

  24. <3 This song is quite magical . . . 

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